Why do we do this and how can we do it well

My first job was as a hostess for a large restaurant chain. One of the greatest take-aways I gained from this job, is the importance of recognizing and anticipating customer needs. The idea of anticipating need was something identified as a ‘key to success’ during my training - to anticipate what the customer wants before they have to ask for it. The positive impact of this was pretty simple to understand — customer gets what they want and expect, which leads to a more positive customer experience, which…

In order to design exceptional spaces, we need to understand who we are designing for and what motivates them. Creating vibrant and meaningful places requires an investment in the discovery of people and communities within the context of a development.

Photo of people crossing a crosswalk in an urban street
Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

Human-Centred Design

Human-Centred Design is design based on insights from understanding and engaging the community and beyond. Taking a human centred approach to design in the built environment, in many ways, seems obvious. If you’re not designing for people, who will use the space? …

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Seeing your potential when it seems like what you do “isn’t that impressive”

This article is written for my nieces. I hope that they will find a path of passion that is filled with things that light them up, and I hope that they will see the talent and value that they bring to the world. I hope that this article inspires anyone who reads it to see that what you do is special, that not everyone can do it, and that you are valuable.

Where it started:

I have always loved being creative. I would arrange, and rearrange my…

Lena Stachiw

Lena is the co-founder of Disco Innovation Studio. Sharing concepts on life as an entrepreneur, driving positive change, & designing for people and the planet.

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